Video Library

VIDEO Library

We are adding videos of our streaming worship service and other teaching videos to our website. Go to our YOUTUBE or VIMEO channel or visit the links below to view them.


YOUTUBE Channel         VIMEO Channel



Streaming Worship Services - we are streaming our Sunday morning worship serices on FACEBOOK and uploading the video recordings for those who want to view them at a later time.




The Book of Ephesians - Jerry Jones leads us through a nine-week video series through the book of Ephesians.  It's accompanied by a group discussion on ZOOM.




The Gospel of Mark - Although we've already concluded our group study through Mark, you can still access the videos and study guide by Francis Chan on RIGHT NOW MEDIA




Turning Points - Scott Cody leads a 26 episode study of events in Biblical history that serve as turning points for the direction of humanity and for each of us individually as well.




Philippians - Jerry Jones shares a 9 episode study of Paul's letter to the chuch at Philippi and how Paul finds contentment in a time of struggle



The Gospel of John - Scott is sharing 3-5 minute teachings from each chapter from John's gospel.  These weekday presentations appear on our FACEBOOK page or here



Beyond the Storm - Jerry Jones shares stories from his own life and from Scripture to give people home when facing difficult moments in their lives.