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      growing faith in a pandemic





We're continuing to provide families with helpful life lessons from Scripture so you can continue growing the faith of your children during this pandemic.  Each month we'll provide a themed calendar of stories, memory verses, and activities for each day of the month.  Pick and choose the parts that best fit your schedule and take time each week to connect your children with the stories and principles of the faith.

September's theme is "Unchanging".  God is our faithful stabilizer in a season of changes. We have chosen verses for our calendar that will hopefully remind you of God's faithfulness and His unchanging character. You can trust God to stand by you when life becomes hectic, messy, challenging, and full of unknowns. These daily verses are for YOU, the parent. They are meant to encourage you to lean on God, to let Him help you through whatever your day holds for you. So please, take 2 minutes to read the daily verse.

Visit this page regularly to see the calendar or click the button below to download a print one for your refrigerator.  Let's work together to develop a strong and life-long faith in our children during these unprecedented times.



Download A PDF Copy Here