Room at the Inn

Ministry Leader: Geri Turner

Room at the Inn is a community ministry that provides immediate, temporary housing to women and families in St. Louis County. One night each month, our congregation hosts Room and the Inn and turns our classrooms into hotel rooms for the evening.  We provide our guests dinner that evening, a safe and comfortable overnight rest and an early morning breakfast before they head back to the Room at the Inn offices.  Because of privacy issues, we do not list the Room at the Inn night on our church calendar but you can email our office to find out how you can volunteer. Here's some jobs we need filled each month.

  • Drivers to pick up our guests in the evening and drop them off again the next morning.
  • Cooks who will provide dinner for our guests and/or breakfast the next morning.
  • Inn Keepers who will assist our guests from 6-9 pm.
  • Overnight Team who sleeps here at the building with our guests.


  September 2021  
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