Nourish30 Kicks Off in March   Our Health and Wellness Ministry invites you to participate in our church-wide challenge to eat more healthy for 30 days and nourish the body God gave you.  Drop by the back table and find our more about the program.  Choose the goal you’d like to work toward and join other friends from Maryland Heights as we experience the benefits of Nourish30.

Gold Level Pledge

Silver Level Pledge

Bronze Level Pledge

For 30 days, you will follow
Whole30 food guidelines. Through
eliminating certain foods for 30 days
and then carefully re-introducing them,
you will explore how certain foods
personally affect you and what roles
they may be playing in your current
health. You will enjoy moderate
amounts of meats, seafood, eggs,
healthy fats; vegetables, fruit, and lots
of flavor with spices, herbs, and
seasonings. If you choose this level, we
encourage you to purchase the
Whole30 Day By Day: Your Daily Guide
to Whole30 Success
and review the
Whole30 website.
If you love to eat and have
health goals that are non-negotiable,
this level is for you!

For 30 days, you will eat a variety
of whole, unprocessed food. You will
follow a modified Whole 30 plan where
you may choose to also include the
following: whole wheat flour, other
grains, rice, beans, butter, peanut
butter, plain yogurt, and natural
sweeteners such as honey, maple
syrup, molasses, and date syrup.

If you have been striving to make
small positive changes to your health,
but are ready to try even more, we
invite you to explore this as the option
for you. Join us in focusing more on
nourishing the body God has given to
each of us

For 30 days you will make a positive
change to your diet that is completely
personalized to you and your goals. We
invite you to carefully consider your
health goals and then join us as we
encourage one another this month in
meeting them.


Exclude or limit soda or other sugary beverages

Eat a vegetable with every meal
(even breakfast if you’re up for more
of a challenge!)

Increase water intake



Whole30 Program Rules  Resource Book  Whole30 Grocery List  Whole30 Pantry


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