LIVE Worship Registration

Attend Our LIVE Worship Service


As we learn more about the COVID virus, we are confident that we can safely welcome more people to attend our LIVE worship service.  We are following all the St. Louis County mandates listed below.  Because of limits on the number of people we can have for a worship service,  it is important that everyone register for these services.    We will still be live-streaming the service for our at-home congregation through our Facebook group, but for those who are comfortable following the safety protocols and joining us, it's a welcomed opportunity to worship together with those we love. 

Please read the safety guidelines below and click below to register for one or several dates.  We are making more seats available so don't hesitate to register your whole family to attend.  As always, we will still be live-streaming the service for our at-home church family, so plan on being in the auditorium by 10:15 to help us get started on time.

Click on any date below to register in advance or call the church office to reserve your spot.  You can register for one or several of these services TODAY.


September     September 27     


October          October 4        October 11        October 18         October 25



Review These Safety Guidelines for Our LIVE Worship Service:


Enter and exit the auditorium from multiple doors.  We want to limit the lobby congestion we usually experience before and after worship, so we are opening the emergency doors for people to enter or leave the auditorium.  In addition to the regular entrance under the canopy, you can enter through:

  • The southwest door from the front parking lot leading to the front of the auditorium.

  • The northwest door from the back parking lot into the front of the auditorium.



Sit and stand a safe distance apart.  With an audience of 25 this will not be difficult, but we need to maintain a 6’ distance apart from other families.  We are blocking off every other row of pews and asking each family to sit together. 




Wear a mask while you are in the building.  Everyone attending the service is expected to wear a mask during the service except when you take communion.





Only the upstairs bathrooms will be available during the service.  If you use the bathroom, be sure to clean any touched surfaces and wash your hands before returning to the auditorium. 



Advice for High-Risk Members

If you are in a high risk group, we understand if you are not yet ready to get out in public, but know that everyone who attends practices social distancing and wears face masks to make our LIVE worship as safe as possible.   If you are sick, you should not register for or attend these services.