LIVE Worship

Attend Our LIVE Worship Service

We are currently NOT requiring people to register to attend our LIVE worship services.  The local number of COVID cases are on the decline and according to St. Louis Country mandates, we can welcome up to 100 people for our weekly worship services.  So until we start approach that number we are NOT requiring people to register to attend.

We will still be live-streaming the service for our at-home congregation through our Facebook group, YouTube channel and HERE on our website.  But for those who are comfortable with our safety measures, it's a welcomed opportunity to worship together with those we love. 

Please read the safety guidelines below come join us on Sunday at 10:30 for our LIVE worship service.


Review These Safety Guidelines for Our LIVE Worship Service:




Wear a mask while you are in the building.  Everyone attending the service is expected to wear a mask during the service except when you take communion.




Sit and stand a safe distance apart.  With an audience of 25 this will not be difficult, but we need to maintain a 6’ distance apart from other families.  We are blocking off every other row of pews and asking each family to sit together. 




Only the upstairs bathrooms will be available during the service.  If you use the bathroom, be sure to clean any touched surfaces and wash your hands before returning to the auditorium.