The Judges of Israel

Wednesdays at 7pm   |    ZOOM or Live-Streamed


The book of Judges tells the story of a nation that began with great promise but now finds itself spiraling deeper into disobedience and the suffering that accompanies it.  It's a great journey through a crucial piece of Israel's history, some great stories of  faith and failure, and some important lessons for us as we live in a world that seems to be in the same spiral.


We are offering the class in two formats:


You can join our ZOOM meeting.  We're emailing the ZOOM link and password that you can use each week to join the group.  If you feel safer at home but still want to interact with the class, join our ZOOM group. We'll send out the ZOOM link and password to everyone on our mailing list.  If you are not on that list, click the link to the right to request the login information.



You can watch  the class  on our Facebook group or our YouTube channel.    You can watch it live as we host the class or view the recorded session later at your convenience. 




Judges 4 handout

God's Words of Hope

Video of Gideon's World

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Lesson 2 Verses

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Bible Project Overview of Judges