Busy Bee & Kid's Worship

Busy Bee Worship for 2-5 year olds.

Jan Williams - Ministry Leader

10:30 am on Sunday Mornings
Busy Bee rooms are off the main lobby


Busy Bee is just for 2-5 year old children who meet for their own special program at 10:30 during our adult worship service.  Trained teachers with a special heart for children share the great stories of the Bible to these little ones helping them know and love God better.  Parents can meet the Busy Bee staff in their rooms off the lobby just before worship service. 

Once your child has been signed-in to the Busy Bee room, you're fee to go to the auditorium for adult worship.   Meanwhile, your child is enjoying playing with other children, acting out Bible stories, watching brief videos and even enjoying a snack.  Let us know about any special needs your child may have so we can make sure he or she will have a great time.  And when adult worship concludes, your child will be ready to meet you at the Busy Bee room and to tell you all she learned.

If you want to join our Busy Bee staff, contact Jan Williams to arrange a visit and find out how you can help shape the lives of our precious children.


Kid's Worship for K-5th Graders

Alissa Roades - Minsitry Leader

10:30 Sunday mornings
Kid's Worship meets at the bottom of the main stairway


Older kids head downstairs to the Kid's Worship room where the fun begins at 10:30 each Sunday morning.  The hour is filled with exciting Bible stories, singing and activities that keep these young people engaged and helps them discover the joy that can be found in knowign and serving God.  Once a month Kid's Worship is closed and everyone heads to the auditorium for worship together, but even on those Sundays, Scott will invite the kids up front for  special children's lesson that everyone enjoys.

Parents are encouraged to visit the Kid's Worship room at the bottom of the stairs and see what's in store for the children that week.  We also are always eager to have more teachers join the ranks to help out with Kid's Worship.  Contact Alissa Roades to find out more about this minsitry and to set up a date for you to visit

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