Big Picture Series


The Bible is the story of humanity's experience with her creator.  It's made up of 66 books covering thousands of years and written by multiple writers, but it tells one story.  The Big Picture is a self-guided study through over 50 of the stories that follow that singular tale and by reading them and contemplating their meaning, God's big picture will come into focus for us.

We will feature two stories each week through June - one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament.  You are invited to read  these two stories each week, and use the accompanied guide sheet for personal reflection or family discussions.  Participate in this self-guided study and you can more clearly see both the ancient big picture and God's personal big picture for yourself as well.


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 This Week's Reading Schedule and Guidesheets           


Genesis 6-9  -  The Flood

Matthew 4  -  Jesus' Temptations



   Prior Reading Schedules and Guide Sheets                

Genesis 1, 2  -  Creation Luke 1, 2  -  Jesus' Birth Week 1 Guide Sheet
Genesis 3  -  The Fall Matthew 3 / John 1  -  Jesus' Baptism Week 2 Guide Sheet