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Maryland Heights will lead a mission trip to Honduras in the summer of 2018. 

We're making plans to take a group to Honduras from July 15-21, 2018.  This is a week that will change you forever and is open to all members and families at Maryland Heights. 

Why announce it so early?  Because events this big require a lot of advance planning.  Fund raising, passports, medical exams, training . . . all that takes time and commitment, but the results are that you'll have a hands-on experiences sharing the gospel and showing God's love to people of a different culture.

What will we be doing?  For seven days we'll be sharing the love of God to the people, chuches and missionaries in Honduras.  That includes building homes, worshipping with local churches, visiting children's homes, and woring with local mission efforts. 

Be watching here for updates about the trip.  We'll host an informational meeting on September 24 and share all the details.  Don't worry about all the reasons why you CAN'T go. Just think about the reasons you SHOULD go.

You can register NOW!  Although the total cost and fund raisign plans are still being developed, you can register now to be part of this exciting trip.  Just click the button below to pay your $200.00 deposit and register. 


Click Here To Register and Pay Your Deposit



DATES: July 15-21

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